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So as the semester wound down and Mike and I finished up our respective projects, me working with my midi software and Mike exploring the possibilities of DIY self made electronics, we’re finally started moving forward with jamming and recording some new sounds. The next month will prove a challenge for us as we finish up booking a short tour on the west coast and we work separately on new material as Mike and his lovely wife Laura embark on a month long road trip. But as always moving forward meant dipping into the past a little. Definitely some noise artists that have heavily influenced Mike and I have been artists like Pixelform and Die Schrauber. But I wanted to share with you guys some artists that exposed me to noise in Singapore.

The first one would be my friend Shaun and Wei Nan, also known as MindFuckingBoy and engineering beautiful blood, Shaun and Wei use prerecorded noise, the human voice manipulated by different levels of effects while interweving them with dischordant and distorted guitar and bass lines to create an dazzling and terrifying soundscape.

Here is a video of him and Wei Nan playing at Gas Haus in Singapore.

Tomorrow Zai Kunig…