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Courtesy Kentaro M.

Went down with Dork Dog, Lord Butt-lord and the Kitty Meow Meow crew to Boise for the inaugural year of Treefort Music Festival. Had a wonderful weekend and we had our ears filled to the brim with good sound. A few of the favs we saw are — Pictureplane, Sun Araw, Wolvserpent, Janka Nabay, Art Fad, and I would add of Montreal, but we played at the same time so I could only catch half their set by listening from a block down… still, it sounded pretty good. The festival was well organized for it being it’s maiden voyage, there was cool shit everywhere and new sounds around each corner of downtown Le Bois.  Praise to the staff that slaved to set this thing up.

Here are some vids from the ROMPER Psychic Rites set:


Hey, we’re playing a show at the Belltower on Wednesday (4/6) with this band called Tartufi.  Tartufi, which my Mom defines as ‎”Italian style chocolate rum truffle rolled in toasted nuts,” is this great duo from San Francisco.  They came and played here at John’s Alley a while back and I picked up one of their records. Their show was packed with some rad-ass textural-sonic-flux. Incredibly dynamic and complicated for being a duo. They each play several instruments proficiently and deliver a heartfelt performance that is enriching and more often than not makes one want to move and shake… as far as I can tell.  But don’t take my word for it, come see them for yourself.  you can buy tickets to the show here:


see you suckers there.

I just got this recording of Butterballs first show in my email from Jim Evans.  He recorded it on a walkman and it sounds like we’re 500 feet underground.  Our good friend Afton Carlson also took these photags during the show.  They make us look cooler than we are.

click here to listen – ButterBalls – Live at the CRAFT House 3.28.11 From Walkman

Man, I am just enjoying today. It’s rainy and wet and the earth is soaking up the tears of God into her. She’s pregers with thorny roses and strawberries, young saplings and thirsty ancient cedars. It’s getting warmer. A perfect show happened last night. Chilly and I had the opportunity of playing with some amazing bands from around the Northwest.  I was in and out so I might have missed someone, but the bands that I did see were much needed in Moscow.  Everyone was so happy, milling around the CRAFT house, there was a lot of Read More »

It’s still cold in Idaho and I’m kind of over it for this year… oh, when will summer come?  Well Moscow got a splash of it last Thursday when the CRAFT House hosted a concert for Vipe, Tim Blood and the Rebel Yells and Colleen Green.  The guys from Control Force just bought a new PA so this was a perfect introduction to what’s shaping up to be a Read More »

Man! We had a great time at our record release party.  It was freezing cold outside that night and we were glad to see the Moscow crowd huddle together in Mikey’s to sweat it out. Don’t worry, the cold front is only the facade of mother earth’s anger towards her children and it will end soon.  We started the night off with Tim Blood and the Patriots who filmed themselves practicing and projected it Read More »

Here’s an installation I did with some friends last spring titled “who could stay mad at a unicorn?” it involved large pads that would trigger samples and lights when stepped on, a short story, and a video.  You can watch a version of the video here.










David housed the lights in these tripod-alien looking structures, as well as the speakers for each individual sample.




Here are two of the sample pads and part of the “trail of the unicorn.”  This installation was in the reflections gallery and saw a lot of foot traffic.  Apparently the janitors were complaining about glitter and foam stickers all over campus.











In the foreground a pile of lucky charms filled unicorn poo.

Here’s a video from the first show Ian and I played as Rhythmmemory … enjoy.