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Courtesy Kentaro M.

Went down with Dork Dog, Lord Butt-lord and the Kitty Meow Meow crew to Boise for the inaugural year of Treefort Music Festival. Had a wonderful weekend and we had our ears filled to the brim with good sound. A few of the favs we saw are — Pictureplane, Sun Araw, Wolvserpent, Janka Nabay, Art Fad, and I would add of Montreal, but we played at the same time so I could only catch half their set by listening from a block down… still, it sounded pretty good. The festival was well organized for it being it’s maiden voyage, there was cool shit everywhere and new sounds around each corner of downtown Le Bois.  Praise to the staff that slaved to set this thing up.

Here are some vids from the ROMPER Psychic Rites set:



  1. Do they have a site? I can’t find their music anywhere except for these videos.

    • Yeah, and/or check
      they’re in the process of recording all their music right now… so there will be tons of new Romper stuff coming out over the next couple months.

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