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Man, I am just enjoying today. It’s rainy and wet and the earth is soaking up the tears of God into her. She’s pregers with thorny roses and strawberries, young saplings and thirsty ancient cedars. It’s getting warmer. A perfect show happened last night. Chilly and I had the opportunity of playing with some amazing bands from around the Northwest.  I was in and out so I might have missed someone, but the bands that I did see were much needed in Moscow.  Everyone was so happy, milling around the CRAFT house, there was a lot of hugging and good vibrations being passed around… the atmosphere was irresistibly sweet and infectious. The first band I caught, Just Another Snake Cult, was something else.  Thor writes such amazing songs that I totally spaced on getting any footage or pictures… it was enveloping.  My friend Daniel told me that they “knocked him on his ass” and that pretty much sums up their set.

After JASC played a number of tunes, they switched places and reformed to be iji (I think it’s pronounced E-he but I like E-G too.) The smell of surf, dirty socks, dog drool, and walking in the woods flooded the basement and people were soaking it up… digging the cool drool.

iji. seriously cool.  When they were done pumping sunshine through the PA James Rabbit took the stage and got people grooving.  well, Tim was giving them the death stare the entire time but the people in the back were grooving.

Rach and I got up there to close out the night and I had a lot of fun.

I got all this sweet booty too! Check it out…

what a great time to be having on a Monday night.  Moscow sure does have its perks.


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