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So, I have this little sister see?  She wants to be a doctor, but I think she would make a better musician or poet… not saying that she wouldn’t make a good doctor… I just want to be in a band with her that’s all.  We were in a band called This Kid’s Not Supposed to be in the Family Portrait a long time ago and I remember really enjoying making music with her.  It is a rare privilege, that of an older brother to make music with his younger sister.  So, anyways, we’ve been kicking around the idea of starting another band for a while now and finally after much deliberation we have.  Our name is Butterballs, whether my little sis likes it or not!  I made the executive decision so blame me if you hate the name too.  Well we’ve got a show lined up for this Monday the 28th with three other great performances scheduled.  We’ll be playing our first show, starting at 9pm, opening up for David Plell, James Rabbit and Iji in the living room of the CRAFT.  It is going to be really something or other.  Plell is an amazing singer songwriter who currently resides in Pullman and plays a tricky classical guitar with his phalanges.  It’s sweet.  Iji is kind of like, well, it’s bedroom surf hailing from Olympia… I think.  I’ve only listened through a couple of their tracks, but so far so good.  It’s disconnected dancey fun fun and is conceptualized around dog drool… cool.  Haven’t listened to Rabbit yet, but I’m sure that they or he or whatever is so awesome that it will make you splode. for real. There’s no better way to kick the crap out of spring than by dancing in the pale moonlight with your friends and, in my case, family so make your way down for this totally-free totally-going-to-be-awesome show.  DIG,




  1. Love it, Mikey! SO, how did the show go for you and Rachie?
    Can you stick a clip of it on FB?

    • yeah, I have some clips, they should be up by the end of the night:)

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  1. […] good.  The shows have been great and the people are so friendly and engaging. We played with Butterballs (previously, This Kid’s Not Supposed to be in the Family Portrait), a brother and sister combo […]

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