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It’s still cold in Idaho and I’m kind of over it for this year… oh, when will summer come?  Well Moscow got a splash of it last Thursday when the CRAFT House hosted a concert for Vipe, Tim Blood and the Rebel Yells and Colleen Green.  The guys from Control Force just bought a new PA so this was a perfect introduction to what’s shaping up to be a prolific venue.  The walls were tested and the house held all that sound in its belly… what a beautiful thing.  Anyway, Tim blood went on and they were really loud, but you could hear Tim this time!   People began to pool down in the basement by the time the girls of Colleen Green set up their amps.

They put on a nice set… maybe it’s just me but I remember wishing it was louder.  I wanted it to wash me with sunshine, but maybe I’m just expecting too much.

Needless to say it was a blast, I got way too drunk and we all had a good time.  After the Green girls played it came time for the unveiling of Control Force’s latest name change VIPE.

They tore out hearts and cut up insides, they used the rafters as a jungle gym and punched peoples eardrums back to Tuesday.

Fun shit dudes. Kentaro Murai set this shindig up and it was a blast.

Looking forward to more shows at the CRAFT House this year… LIVE MUSIC!


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