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Man! We had a great time at our record release party.  It was freezing cold outside that night and we were glad to see the Moscow crowd huddle together in Mikey’s to sweat it out. Don’t worry, the cold front is only the facade of mother earth’s anger towards her children and it will end soon.  We started the night off with Tim Blood and the Patriots who filmed themselves practicing and projected it onto themselves.  They were even better than their practice footage… here’s a clip of their set:

Tim Blood blew everyones skin off with their sonic patri-o-tonic blastulations, it was great.

The Maladroids drove all the way up from Boise over icy mountains and forlorn plains to play a killer-loud set.  They’re a two piece drum and bass type thing… but not like drum and bass.  More like bass and drum. They screamed and wailed on their instruments and got the crowd really riled up. Here’s a clip from their set:

DJ Husband spun records in between sets, which was awesome, but sucked because we couldn’t get the sound right until the very end of the show and then we had to unplug him to use a power cord for our set up… sorry HSBND, we’ll get it right next time.  Anyways, we went on late and played really loud and sang and danced and got really sweaty.  The crowd gave us all these positive vibrations and we went with it, playing early into the morning.  Here are a couple clips from our set:

neeyome, that was a crap ton of fun.

So, It’s all over!!! We finished the album and we think it sounds alright. Andrew Schmidt recorded and mastered this one and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without him.  So if you see him on the street give him a big hug for us.  Laura Siemens slaved away making all the CDs.  She hand screened a little over 100 and they look absolutely stellar… with sea foam green. So if you see her on the street bow down to her for us.

We just set up a bandcamp page where you can buy the new album and download the old one for free and we updated the RM Music tab on this blog with our new album “It’s All Going to be Over Soon” so you can hear this stuff. Remember drink plenty of water, wear headphones, and listen before you cross.


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