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Abel & Ina

fitting costumes

So last semester I made a short ( Click here to watch ) . It’s about  a young man who gets sucked into a magical faery world.  This project is to this day the most involved work I have ever done and I hope to do more soon.  With the help of all my friends we were able to shoot out at Q’Emiln park in Post Falls Idaho, where I spent a good chunck of my youth, and at Idlers Rest in Moscow Idaho.  Cameron Secaur and I composed the score, it was an excellent experience and I am really happy with how the orchestrated compositions turned out.  My wife Laura did the make up, prosthesis (ears, arrow, wound) and costumes as well as keeping all my shit straight and producing the short. Afton and Kris (in the short: The Prince and Edward) helped out by being fun actors to work with and really helped with generating ideas on the set and during writing.  Two Irish brothers, Ian and Reid, and a lovely Jewish man, Mark, Kept me on time during our shooting schedule, acted as grips, camera operators and whatever else needed to happen.  Everyone helped out, I was amazed.  My mom and dad even drove down from cda to bring Ina and Able (my younger brother and sister.  they played the two trixie Pixies in the flick) twice… we had to reshoot some stuff.  Anyways… making this thing was awesome and I think I might make another.

Here is the Finale song composed by Cameron, it’s beautiful and with Ian’s help we pulled off the recording with no rehearsal.  SCORE FINALE


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