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I’ve had this on my brain for a while and I’m finally tackling it… the only problem is that I have a handful of other fairly time consuming tasks hanging over my head that I need to finish before I can really invest myself into this project… here’s the rundown of my to do list;

Radio station – I just got hired on as the station manager at KUOI 89.3 FM… There are a bunch of cobwebs that need to be cleaned out of there before she is sailing smoothly again.

Road trip with Laura – I’m taking off for a month with my little lady to go on a road trip for about 3 weeks… don’t really know where we are going, but we do know which direction: South.  Don’t worry about the blog, I’ll be giving reviews of thrift stores, the Reuseum, and other cool electronics stuff from the road with the help of coffee places with the internets…

I really really really want to finish this guitar I’m working on… I started it over two years ago and haven’t finished it yet, I’m making it for myself so I want it to be great, but that’s no excuse… I must finish…


On top of all that my foot feels like poo.

then after that (maybe before the road trip with Laura) I can finish my step sequencer.  I’m almost going the Baby 10 route with this bad boy… but it will be a Baby 8 instead. I’ve mounted the pots onto a clear plexi rack mount type of deal and so far it’s looking superb… stay tuned and feel free to leave comments… it lets us know we aren’t alone in the universe.




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