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I’m serious on this one… I know they are pretty basic dance – Trance – crap, but I have a soft spot in my heart… I remember my older brother Eddy practicing bass in the basement to The Prodigy’s Experience and Voodoo People… I could feel the bass moving the floor boards above his room as I played Mario 64…
But back to the prodigy… you have to think about it for a bit… a band that is named after the founders first synth has to have some merit somewhere… Keith Flint and Maxim Reality may be bit over the top, but some of the tunes aren’t that bad… I say this after turning off a couple videos half way through because they were so annoying… Brits are pretty bad at dancing… maybe I’m not such a fan of Prodigy… maybe I’m just a fan of Mario on summer days like this…



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