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So… I am a happy guy… well, it’s interesting.  I hurt my heel pretty bad so I can’t walk very well but this made me want to finish my first prototype for my synth… and I just sat down and did it… what  a great day.


This handheld box came from a physiograph Sol and I found at the surplus sale on campus.  It has these cool little schematics on the front that resemble a person with a square head dancing… neato.  I used three 555 timers

and you have several options for each IC; you can select between two variable controls (photocell or 5ook potentiometer) and you can also kill each chip with an on/off switch (I’ll add volume fades for each one on the next prototype) this one is going to include a low pass filterand tempo LED soon… it already has a total volume LED… I wanted to install a rotary switch that allows the user to select between different capacitors while in the middle of playing the instrument, but I ran out of room in the box….





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