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so… after tinkering around with the 555 timer a bunch over the last few days, I’ve found a cool configuration… although this test circuit is missing a few pieces (a few 500k pots, some rotary switches and a couple of spdt toggles) it’s going to pretty much sound like this

So the final product will be this tone generator with a low pass filter that I am working the kinks out of right now, a baby ten style step sequencer and a small 12 key keyboard… I have all the pots for the sequencer coming in the mail and I’m still looking for an affordable and playable way of banging out the keys… it should be nice.  I’m going to use two rotary switches (or more) on the tone generator to allow easy access to different capacitor configurations… In the video I switch between 4 or 5 different configurations and they all sound good to me, so I want to make that a feature… I’ll try to post a schematic soon, if anyone knows of a good place to find free schematic writing software I would love to hear about it, at the moment I will probably just draw it on a piece of paper and take a photo of it…


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