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4 555 APCSo, I won’t be posting for a few days, due to a load of schoolwork… but when I get back I’m going to post schematics for a 4 555 timer Atari Punk Console… super simple to make… and dirt cheep,

As well as the schematics and a video for an APC 8-10 step sequencer… I’ve made a few sequencers before so it shouldn’t take too long…

I also scored a huge stash of project boxes from this physiograph at a school surplus sale so I’ll post pictures of all the goods… I might use them to make a line of really sweet APCs…

I would like to know more about wave generation… mainly what’s needed to produce a sawtooth and PWM… so I’ll be searching around for that junk… if anyone knows of a good place to start send me a note…

but now… I have to study… bummer.


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  1. If you are talking about Narco Bio Physiograph, I am looking for schematics

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