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So, I’ve been bending for a while and thought it wise to start posting my results so others can try the same hacks and bends and glitchy awesomeness that I’m getting out of these toys.  I had a blog for a while, but I enjoy wordpress a bit more, I’ll try to transfer all the info (there’s not much) but if I don’t get to it here’s the link:  So here are the projects I have on my bench at the moment… Casio Mt-205, Vtech talking whiz kid, a few black and white TVs and some random kids toys… I’ve also picked up an assortment of sampleing devices (Recordable christmas ornamants, yada yada yada’s and other kids toys) that I will hopefully compile into some sort of sampling box… anyways, I will try to post videos, photos, interesting things I’ve come across on the interstella’ internet and some schematics if I ever get around to noodleing them up…



  1. I am telling a tale about android porn. That is all.

  2. Hack again?!

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